Nantong Ross won the order of aseptic powder mixer from Northeast Pharmaceutical General Factory

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On February 14, 2011, we received a notice from the bidding office of Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.: Nantong Ross, with its advanced technology, excellent product quality, and excellent performance, finally defeated many domestic manufacturers in the same industry and obtained the Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Order for sterile single-cone explosion-proof conical powder mixer for the production of fosfomycin sodium (V-96, full volume 6m³, quantity 2 units).

Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., referred to as "Northeast Pharmaceutical", is a large-scale comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise mainly engaged in chemical raw materials, and also includes biological fermentation, Chinese and Western medicine preparations and micro-ecological preparations. It is a national top 500 enterprise and a large listed pharmaceutical company. enterprise. The company mainly produces more than 800 kinds of antibiotics, vitamins, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, digestive system, antiviral, natural drugs, anti-AIDS, narcotic and psychotropic drugs, anti-tuberculosis drugs, family planning drugs, cosmetics, etc. raw materials and preparations.

Since 2010, Nantong Ross Company has improved the technical content and processing quality of its products while stabilizing the existing customer base. Win food and pharmaceutical companies that have higher requirements on the quality of mixing equipment with better products. The mixed materials have gradually shifted from the production of chemical raw materials to food-grade powders, pharmaceutical intermediates, and even finished pharmaceutical products. More sanitary mixers, mixing equipment for your choice!