Ross New Sanitary Ribbon Mixer

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After the establishment of Nantong Ross in 1997, it introduced the complete technology of Ross ribbon mixer from the United States, and quickly opened up the domestic powder mixing market. While meeting the needs of exporting to the United States, it also solved the situation that domestic enterprises needed to import ribbon mixers before, and quickly occupied the huge sales market in China. In just three years after the establishment of Nantong Ross, with its excellent product quality, American Ross safely closed the ribbon mixer production line in the United States and switched to manufacturing in Nantong Ross instead. In recent years, many domestic enterprises have begun to imitate our ribbon mixers. What's more, some private small workshops around us rely on a lot of online publicity under the banner of joint venture or sole proprietorship to deceive the majority of customers. But our Ross company always believes that "products can be imitated, but will not be surpassed" because our Ross company has always kept the technology and processing technology updated in the field of ribbon mixers, so that our products will always be in the leading position.

In 2010, the company focused on the technical update of the sanitary ribbon mixer. In the early stage, we extensively listened to and collected opinions and suggestions from customers in the food and pharmaceutical industries on-site, and summarized the defects of traditional ribbon mixers. The two ends of the traditional central discharge thread are connected by flange bolts. Strictly speaking, the existence of bolts and nuts in the cylinder does not meet the GMP design requirements. The design of one spindle, although it avoids the appearance of bolts, is very inconvenient to disassemble (one end plate must be detachable and cannot be welded), and the existence of end face gaskets is not easy to clean. We have carried out many technical demonstrations with the Ross Technology Department of the United States, and finally made a major breakthrough in technology and processing technology, designed and manufactured equipment that meets the requirements of China's GMP, and even the FDA's CGMP requirements. Roth's newly designed sanitary ribbon mixer avoids the bolted connection at both ends of the center discharge ribbon. It looks like a shaft on the outside, but the main shaft and the drive shafts at both ends are very easy to disassemble. At the same time, the end plates at both ends and the cylinder are welded and cannot be disassembled, which will not cause dead ends that are not suitable for cleaning. At the same time, the processing technology of the central screw rod is changed, so that the gap between the screw rod and the cylinder body is less than 3mm, which greatly reduces the material residue.

Recently, Ross company has been recognized by more and more customers by relying on advanced technology improvement. The company continues to receive orders for new hygienic ribbon mixers from food and pharmaceutical companies.

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