Large mixer for Ross USA

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Recently, the large-scale ribbon mixer (42N-215: 6.6 cubic meters; 42N-515: 16 cubic meters) designed and manufactured according to the drawings of Ross in the United States has been delivered to the Ross Mixer Company in Florida, USA, and has passed the approval of foreign customers. Final acceptance, delivered for use. Foreign customers put forward quite high evaluation of the equipment. To this end, Richard Ross, chairman of Ross Ross, sent an email to express his congratulations and thanks to Nantong Ross for the excellent completion of the processing of large-scale mixing equipment, and hope that Nantong Ross will increasingly provide its own production and processing capabilities and provide customers with high-quality products. mixer.

为美国罗斯生产的大型混合机 为美国罗斯生产的大型混合机
42N-215 (full volume: 6.6 cubic meters) 42N-515 (full volume: 16 cubic meters)