ROSS static mixers are widely used

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Ross America has expanded its inventory of static mixers to include low pressure drop (LPD/LLPD) and interface mixing (ISG) to meet the needs of customers worldwide. Many popular sizes are now shipped in as little as two weeks from order receipt to customer.

The LPD/LLPD model is widely used for low viscosity, fluid turbulent mixtures of gas-liquid and gas mixtures. These units are available in diameters from 1" to 30. Example applications include oil or gasoline, dilution, water and wastewater treatment, pipeline reactions, emulsification, blending of different grades of biodiesel production, sampling points prior to homogenization, pH control, heat transfer, Even free-flowing solid mixing process streams.

The ISG model consists of channel-specific processing elements ideal for preparing viscous mixtures in very short pipe lengths. into a viscous liquid, this design patent (US Patent No. 3404869) is used for various color mixing heat and, matting of polymer dopes, preparation of water/fuel emulsions, injection molding and extrusion, inline mixing catalyst or additive process , available in fiber production from 5/8 standard ISG elements such as "6" diameter stainless steel, polypropylene and PTFE. Very easy to customize, including special coatings for product contact surfaces, hygienic finish and construction, injection of smaller product streams, different styles of terminal connections (flanged, threaded, quick-open), heating/cooling jackets, etc. Roth's ports, A static mixer skid system is also provided with piping, pumps, flow meters and controls all installed.



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