Ross' latest ribbon mixer design

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Ross introduced a new ribbon mixer model, the 42NSD-1S, a multipurpose unit equipped with interchangeable twin ribbon and paddle mixers. With a maximum working capacity of 1 cubic foot, the 42NSD-1S is ideal for most laboratory and pilot scale mixed requirements. A conveyor is installed at the bottom of the mixing tank to eliminate blind spots and enable 100% complete discharge. The unit shown offers NEMA 4X control with variable frequency drive (VFD) keypad for convenient soft start and speed control.

Ross ribbon mixers are commonly used to mix dry powders, granules, pellets and other solid forms. The inner and outer ribbons of the stirrer move the material axially, and in the opposite direction, also radially. This combination promotes quick and thorough blending. The paddle agitator provides gentle mixing, which is more suitable for shear sensitive and fragile applications.

Roth mixers are equipped with direct drive reducers, outperforming the losses suffered by older belt and chain drive mixers. Low-maintenance design through slip-on horsepower and efficiency. Popular options include sight glass ports, safety grills, pneumatically operated hood and draw valves, hygienic design, liquid spray assemblies, heating/cooling jackets, casters for portability, explosion proof operator stations, HMI/PLC systems.

Ross is the world's largest manufacturer of ribbon and paddle mixers and has the strongest reserve program. One hundred mixers of various specifications are in stock. Call 0513-83319157 (Nantong Ross) or 1-800-243- (USA Ross) for more information or to discuss your blending requirements.

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Ross' latest ribbon mixer design