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Battery powder special equipment

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For the lithium battery powders such as lithium cobaltate, lithium iron phosphate and ternary, the Nantong Rose horizontal ribbon mixer has been specially adapted to the mixing process of battery powder materials through the following special design:
1. The equipment cylinder has a loading rate of about 70%, and the loading factor is high. In the case of the same loading amount, the equipment takes up little space.
2. The “U”-shaped cylinder body is welded with the two end plate groups, and the overall strength of the cylinder body is high and the sealing is reliable.
3. The internal lining process is adopted inside the cylinder to ensure the adhesion of the PTFE plate and the stainless steel base material, and the thickness is 2-3mm, which is much larger than the general spraying process and has a longer service life;
4. The stirring device adopts the Ross breaking type, which has less power consumption while ensuring the mixing uniformity, and is more suitable for some high-density materials. The stirring device can spray HALAR/WC according to customer requirements;
5. The mixing spindle is connected with the flanges of the drive shafts at both ends, which is especially suitable for later maintenance.
6. The shaft seals at both ends are in the form of air seals, which have excellent sealing performance and ensure no powder leakage at both ends;
7. The power and structure are matched properly, and the load can be started.
8.a variety of product models, from the laboratory to large production (30 cubic meters) have different models to meet the requirements
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