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ME-200 series high shear mixing emulsifier


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The high-shear mixing emulsifier produced by American Ross Charles Ross & Sons is recognized and recognized by the world for its high-speed disperser, low-speed propeller blade and high-pressure homogenizer. It is widely used in various mixing processes. The high-shear mixing emulsifier introduced by Sino-US joint venture Nantong Ross Mixing Equipment Co., Ltd. has the same three characteristics and excellent quality.
The versatile and safe and reliable nature of the high-shear mixing emulsifier provides users with a new and more efficient homogeneous emulsification effect compared to conventional equipment. Mechanical and hydraulic high-speed shearing is the key to the machine, the stator and rotor. The precise fit ensures that the material is subjected to hundreds of thousands of shears per minute.
Pure shear forces shorten the process cycle, giving users a more uniform, high-quality product, and several replaceable stator heads to best meet user expectations.
The machine is suitable for emulsification, decomposition, dissolution, dispersion and homogenization, and can be designed in various batch or continuous series.