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ME-300 series pipeline emulsifier


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The three-stage pipeline emulsifier has three sets of stator and rotor in the working chamber.
The high-speed rotating rotor generates centrifugal force to draw material from the axial direction into the stator and rotor working areas.
Each material is sprayed from the radial direction after being fixed, multi-layered, densely and uniformly sheared. Under the action of the centrifugal force of the second group of rotors, it enters the second fixed and rotor working area; After the rotor is multi-layered, densely and uniformly sheared, it is sprayed from the radial direction, and under the action of the centrifugal force of the third group of rotors, enters the third set of stator and rotor working areas to complete the processes of dispersion, emulsification and homogenization.
After three sets of stator and rotor are processed in sequence, the materials are uniformly processed in the shortest time, thereby achieving the purpose of producing high quality products online.
1. Suitable for liquid-liquid, powder-liquid dispersion, mixing, emulsification and homogenization
2. Multi-stage fixed rotor can be used for continuous multi-stage treatment of materials in the mixing chamber, and the emulsification effect is better.
3. According to the process requirements, a full-stage jacketing device can be installed outside the mixing chamber, which can be heated or cooled by a temperature medium.
4. according to material characteristics, process requirements, a variety of mechanical seals to choose from
5. can be directly installed on the pipeline
6. can be used for normal pressure or pressure, high temperature working conditions
7. a variety of materials to choose from
Working principle
ME-300 series pipeline emulsifier ME-300 series pipeline emulsifier 1
Coarse tooth Middle tooth Fine tooth

The working chamber of the pipeline type high shear dispersing emulsifier is equipped with three sets of stator and rotor. The drive shaft in the working chamber is connected by the cantilever type elastic coupling to connect the motor to the main shaft in the bearing box to improve the running quality of the drive shaft. Different working conditions to choose. Applicable to medium and large batch online continuous production or cycle processing production process.


ME-300 series pipeline emulsifier


Technical Parameters


300 Series 310 315 325 330 350
Power kw 7.5 11 18.5 22 37
Rotating speed rpm 2900 2930 2930 2940 2950
Feed port diameter mm 50 65 65 80 100
Outlet diameter mm 38 50 50 65 80
Water treatment capacity(m3/h) 0-6 0-10 0-18 0-22 0-35

Remarks: Special design for different materials and processes according to customer needs