In the spring of 1842, from New York to Rochester two young brothers full of dreams. The two brothers is a baker, another love mechanical operation. They are in the same small house, mutual support for their own cause.

Their business has been prosperous for 20 years. After the outbreak of the civil war USA, attacked Ross's family, the brothers were forced to separate. Charles left for the Northern League, John is a service for the South alliance. Three years later, Charles returned, and John lay down, return to one's former career, buried hill in the state of Virginia.

In the postwar years, Charles has made great achievements in the field of the rock, and expanded the production line, with a variety of grinding and mixing equipment. In 1879, in order to save the French stone from New York port to Rochester freight, his company moved to Brooklyn. Since then, the company has provided services for the huge industrial market, the development speed is increasing. For eighty years, the company has experienced four generations of efforts, carried out several times to expand, in the end of Broolyn's business increased dramatically. Due to the high speed continuous growth, the company successively in Harbaugh, deer park, long island, Georgia, Florida, even in Europe, South America and Asia opened branch.

As with the company, many companies have developed from the early stages of development, but few of them have 150 years of development, world scale, and still follow the basic rules of early success. Our mission is to use the imagination and experience, with high quality products, excellent value and rapid manufacturing to meet the challenges of the industry to find a solution.

These ideas not only illustrate the success of our early time in Rochester, but also explain our confidence in the development of the world market in the future.


Charles roth and his son companies in the United States was built in 1842, is a professional equipment manufacturing company, mix to produce mixer, mixing machine and grinding machine is known, in the early 19th century, to produce the world's first "small mixing equipment. The representative products are: high shear mixing emulsifying machine, static mixer, multi-function mixer, mixing machine, ribbon mixer, vertical mixer, kneading machine, grinding machine, etc. The United States rose as the core, the company with its headquarters in the United States has five factories and one of the famous lab; Have 2 factories in China: nantong mixing equipment co., LTD and wuxi Ross rose mixing equipment co., LTD. There are 1 factories in India.