Nantong Ross Mixing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise jointly invested by Qidong star mixer Co., Ltd and Charles Ross and his father and his son.

Nantong Ross hybrid Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, will rely on its strong capital, strong technical force and complete processing testing equipment, the use of the United States Ross company technology, production of various kinds of mixed equipment with international advanced level, the products are exported to North America, Europe, asia.

Products are stud (with) mixer (hydrolysis machine), vertical mixer, high shear mixer, ISG and LPD static mixer, rotary mixer, continuous mixer, no gravity mixer, liquid mixer, reaction tank, conveyor, etc.. Products are widely used in fine chemical industry, daily chemical, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, new materials and other dozens of industries.

Nantong Ross Mixing Equipment Co., Ltd. will be to respect people, dedicated, realistic, innovative spirit of enterprise to the market. In your attention and support, she will continue to develop into Asia's largest hybrid Equipment Manufacturing Company, in the vast world of mixed equipment manufacturing unique charm.